Prosthetic restorations

Prosthetic restorations

Safe prosthesis

People with a beaming smile have "that certain something". They seem spontaneous and self-confident. We can also preserve this aura and assurance for you even when dental defects need to be remedied or missing teeth replaced. It must be noted here that prosthesis needs to do the same for you as your own teeth:
  • Look natural and beautiful
  • Blend harmonically in the row of teeth
  • Be biocompatible
  • Remain sturdy and resistant
  • Ensure a high degree of chewing comfort
  • Guarantee optimum oral hygiene

From a wide range of possibilities, the optimum solution for you

Thanks to the variety of materials and advanced technologies, virtually all your wishes can be met for tooth fillings and prostheses.

Fixed prostheses instead of removable dentures

In many cases, missing teeth can be replaced by fixed bridges, implants or combined dentures (fixed and removable at the same time) as well as by prostheses.