Prevention through professional dental hygiene

Prevention through professional dental hygiene

Prophylaxis - the way to lasting dental health

Caries and periodontitis are infectious diseases caused by bacteria. Many people need to have treatment time and time again throughout their lifetime. Together, we can prevent this through a professional, systematic and pain-free prevention program.

Professional dental hygiene – Clean teeth with a professional touch

"Professional dental hygiene" is an important part of the individual prevention program. It can only be carried out in the surgery. Our qualified prophylaxis specialists, Natalie Papsch, Sylvia Mehnert and Rebekka Koch, clean your teeth intensively and remove persistent dental plaque. Afterwards, your teeth are thoroughly polished and you can enjoy a completely new feeling of freshness. This ensures that you are best protected in subsequent weeks against harmful bacteria, caries and periodontitis. The application of fluoride varnish and sealing of the fissures in your molars are part of the additional measures which give your teeth greater resistance.

Healthy teeth – A priceless asset

The longer and more diligently you participate, the less your chances of contracting caries or periodontitis. In the long run, prophylaxis is the most beneficial alternative to dental prostheses.