Implant treatment

Implant treatment - Fixed dental prostheses with implants

Implant-borne dental prostheses - Versatile in application

Irrespective of whether you have lost just one, several or even all of your teeth, implants provide versatile and individual solutions. A wide range of implant sizes and variants allow optimum restoration of your natural dental occlusion - just as if nothing had happened. There are virtually no age limits. Even with the loss of a tooth due to an accident, especially for young people, the implant is an alternative to removable dental prostheses.

Proven a millionfold - Dental implants

The implant is inserted in the jawbone, under local anaesthesia – also with nitrous oxide on request. The implant then needs a few months until is grows solidly together with the jawbone. During this time, you are given a provisional prosthesis. After the healing phase, the final prosthesis is screwed onto the implant body.

Furthermore, for many reasons implants are the "healthier" alternative to conventional bridges or prostheses.

  • The jawbone does not recede, but remains stable
  • Neighbouring teeth do not need to be ground as with bridges
  • No inflammations due to pressure points
  • No damage to healthy teeth from braces as is sometimes the case with prostheses
  • No taste irritations or mouth dryness
  • A sturdy, resilient prosthesis that does not slip or fall out

Implants can be used as an individual denture, as a bridge and even if all the teeth have been lost. Permanent fit, high chewing comfort and impressive aesthetics are the convincing advantages of implantology. Feels just like your natural teeth.

Perfect care and prophylaxis for long-term success

With regular care implants are regarded as an extremely comfortable and permanent dental prosthesis. Your resolute, determined and committed cooperation with oral hygiene before and after the implantation is important.