Functional analyses and functional therapeutic treatments - craniomandibular dysfunction

Functional analyses and functional therapeutic treatments - craniomandibular dysfunction

Help for creaking joints and muscle tension

Do you suffer from inexplicable pain when chewing? Do you hear noises such as cracking, grinding or rubbing when you open your mouth? Or do you frequently suffer headaches and tension in the head and neck area? Perhaps you also have the feeling of first having to find the right position for your jaws to fit together before closing your teeth. The cause of your complaint can be a malfunction of your "chewing system".

Overloads are the result

The "chewing system" not only consists of the teeth, but also the mandibular joints and associated muscles, including the head and neck musculature. All these anatomical structures are tightly interwoven by neural tracts and linking mechanisms. If one part of this chain is disrupted, the others are overloaded as they attempt to compensate for the loss. For example, a person who has only a few molars must use more muscle force for masticating than someone with a full set of teeth. This can lead to overloading and signs of wear in the mandibular joints.

Functional analysis and therapy

First, the functions of the dentition, mandibular joints and muscle groups are checked. Then we use the results of this functional analysis to implement an individual concept for relieving your condition. This can involve measures ranging from dental reconstruction or bite guard, up to massages and irradiation for relaxing the knotted muscle groups.