Our first aid tips for an emergency

Our first aid tips for an emergency

Broken tooth

Especially during the school years, accidents where a tooth breaks off can occur. Schools often have a tooth rescue box (DentoSafeĀ®) in which the tooth can be stored. This increases the chance of preserving the tooth. Alternatively, the tooth can be placed in cold milk, but not in water. Contact us as soon as possible and please bring along the piece or even the entire tooth that broke off to the appointment. Step-by-step instructions to the proper actions for rescuing a tooth can be found at www.zahn.de

Loosening of an inlay, crown or bridge

Where this concerns restorations of root-treated teeth or implants, it is often sufficient to either carefully place the restoration back on using a little toothpaste or to let it come out and make a prompt appointment.

Post-operative bleeding of treated teeth

Following tooth extractions, it is possible for post-operative bleeding to occur a few hours once the injection has worn off. Place a pad on the wound and bite down hard on it for about half an hour. If you do not have a pad at hand, then use a gauze compress from the first-aid kit. If this does not stem the blood flow, then please come by.

Pressure points of prostheses

Pressure points are often not noticed quickly enough, but should still be treated however. If you are suffering acute pain, simply take out the prosthesis/prostheses and make an appointment with us.