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Dr. Stefan Sonner | Dr. Agnes Pach

Joint practice for
Dentistry & Oral Surgery
Kirchplatz 6
82049 Pullach
Telephone 089 / 793 3737
Fax 089 / 793 2386

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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday
8 to 13 und 14 to 18 o'clock
8 to 13 o'clock

On your first visit

Please bring along all your current X-ray images and referral letters. Also important is the list of any medications you are taking as well as any allergy and other identity cards, and your insurance card. Please note that you have to fill out a detailed admission form. Our admission form can be called up here and conveniently filled out on the screen (Acrobat Reader required) or send it to us. To shorten the waiting time, we request that you bring along the filled-out admission form to your first appointment.

Admission form